Newborn maintenance. You - together!

ChildPsychologists have warned about the size of a negative consequences of artificial feeding. But let's not dwell on them aside, and will strive our best to make up for the lack of fresh-feeding by the competent maintenance of a baby.Thus, the lack of contact with the fresh is renewable constant bodily contact. However much as possible keep a newborn in her arms, carry on themselves, organize, face to facial skin contact, practice co-sleeping. Go for a walk while you are awake in the arms of her mom. All homework trying to perform, leaving the baby alone.Upon gestation, the mum's body gives a child to life. And a small one expects that it will be how later a birth. My mom's natural milk and ensure a prosperous future development of the newborn. A child being bottle-fed, thanks to this continuous bodily communion with my mother, too, will not forget what it is - the source of his livelihood and most reliable assistant in all stages of its evolution.The second condition - a appropriate use of items for sucking. A baby want accept substitutes breasts are not as separate, stand-alone items, and as part of a beloved mother. Comfort and a sense of security that they provide it, need be associated exclusively with the mom.   Newborn. Same Baby.articles:Newborn. Stitches after giving birth after cesareanChildAlcohol and warm-feedingChildNewborn care. Newborn MassotherapyChild.

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