The physical progress of the newborn at 6 weeks

NewbornTeach a newborn to raise and lower the handle. For this plant the child in a big chair and, lowering his hands down, ask: "Are you big?" So lift a arms above your head and say, "Here's what I'm lovely!" Soon a kid himself will play with you in this game.Babies love to listen to the cheerful songs and poems while sitting on his lap at mum or dad. You were specifically amusing songs with a "surprise." The child anticipates in progress what to expect at a end of the song, and signs to smile or laugh. Such a response indicates a gradual strengthening of memory.Attach a back to a front of the cot plastic rings. A kid will seek to grab them and pull himself forward. In a warmer weeks leave with the child on the street and in a place where there is a small slope, spread a blanket on the grass. Put the crumbs on a blanket and holding, help him to roll under over some minutes.Development of a newborn under one yearCalendar of newborn development: 6 30 daysTests of child growth: 4-6 weeksCalendar of newborn construction: 7 monthNewborn 7 weeksCalendar of child construction 73 30 daysBaby is 106 weeksChild 9 monthsInfants 10 monthsBaby 11 weeksBaby 12 weeksBuilding of a baby under 1 yearCalendar of child growth   Baby. Resembling articles:Baby maintenance. Nutrition lactating gerlsNewbornNewborn. Alcohol and warm-feedingNewbornChild attention. Massage infantChild.

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