Child care. Causes of lactase deficiency

NewbornLactase deficiency or lactose intolerance occurs for several causes.This condition occurs in kids born prematurely. For the 1-st time begins to produce lactase in a intestine at the 24th week of fetal growth, and with any month a process is becoming more intense. In children who were born prematurely, the production of this enzyme in the body does not gain traction. Please wait for - and everything will return to rule.Approximately babies is congenital lactase deficiency (which is inherited with the parents.) And it leads to a failure at the genetic level. In this case, the baby's doctors to alleviate the condition persists, but can not cure it completely.Violation of lactase production is purchased - it arises because of a disease. Try however much as possible to eliminate a cause that led to a matter, and lactase will be produced in sufficient quantities.  Similar posts:Baby maintenance. Читать полностью -->

Newborn service. Vitamins for nursing

BabyYou breastfeed? Put care of your diet, take special vitamin complexes for nursing moms. If you are going to decorate lactation, the specialist will suggest what combination of vitamins will help the child correct cope with the transition to a adult regimen. Treat so a tonic to the assistants. After all, you get one goal - a baby was healthy.Vitamin for kidsSources of vitamins for childrenVitamins for babies from TWO years   Similar posts:Baby. Vitamins for infantsBabyNewborn care. Vitamins for nursingBabyLeaving of a baby. Читать полностью -->

Child. May a nursing mom eat medium bananas

BabyMay I fresh-feeding mother ripe bananas, so beneficial (or useless) for herself and for her baby? Let's deal. Breast-feeding is more great in a your of mother and newborn, because at this time of a child's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of the digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, a baby does not enjoy enough enzymes to digest food faster, how - his mum must be especially attentive to their regimen, specifically if a baby is fed only natural natural milk her. Because the matter of whether a nursing mom to eat bananas, the answer is conditionally positive. It is possible to, but in very little amounts, however it is quite heavy food. A lot of pediatricians are so generally recommend to refrain from eating medium bananas until a child is 2-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. When to introduce solid foods

NewbornOn how correctly a baby will be fed in a 1st year of your, depends on his hygiene and his relationship with food in the future. As nurture a real connoisseur of healthy fresh food!Much tasty and wholesome food for the child for a 1st 6 weeks of life is my mom's natural milk. If for some cause the mom can not breastfeed, he has adapted to receive a big-property blend. But there comes a time when a growing body demands, and other fresh food.You will recognize that it is time to introduce solid foods for some key criteria: interest in food adult, a ability to confidently sit, the face of a first tooth. So, it's time to To think of size how to introduce solid foods to a baby.  Newborn leaving. Alike articles:Newborn service. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. A principle of a Montessori system

ChildThat is the most influential principle of the Maria Montessori: every newborn develops at its sole, absolute individual outline in a specially prepared environment. Complete technique of benefits, which are equipped with the group holds more than a dozen sheets. The task of the tutor to help your baby organize their activities however that creativity has received the maximum growth.Most of the substances and assignments based on a principle of self-correction: a baby himself sees his error, and does not have a bad capacity by an adult. "Help me do it myself" - this is a principle of a Montessori classes. In this instructional space consists of five general areas, which we will discuss in more detail.  Similar articles:Newborn service. Sleep newborn. Читать полностью -->

Newborn maintenance. You - together!

ChildPsychologists have warned about the size of a negative consequences of artificial feeding. But let's not dwell on them aside, and will strive our best to make up for the lack of fresh-feeding by the competent maintenance of a baby.Thus, the lack of contact with the fresh is renewable constant bodily contact. However much as possible keep a newborn in her arms, carry on themselves, organize, face to facial skin contact, practice co-sleeping. Go for a walk while you are awake in the arms of her mom. All homework trying to perform, leaving the baby alone.Upon gestation, the mum's body gives a child to life. And a small one expects that it will be how later a birth. Читать полностью -->

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